• Current & Renewal Rates (specific and aggregate) and funding factors
  • 3-year History
  • 3-Years of Aggregate/Specific Reports
  • Schedule of Medical Benefits
  • Schedule of Prescription Drug Benefits
  • PPO Network Preference
  • All claimants who have reached $10,000 or are expected to
  • Anyone on a Transplant waiting list
  • Any members who are disabled (including spouses)

A complete and current census including the following information:


  • Our founder has over 25 years' experience in many facets of the Healthcare Industry as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Administration, Georgia Accident & Sickness License and a Georgia Worker's Comp Adjuster's License.  Our company is also licensed with a Certificate of Authority in Georgia and Florida.  After re-pricing claims for a PPO/PHO, she became the lead Tertiary Contract Negotiator.  She has billed Medical claims for numerous providers with a success rate of 97% on appeals. 
  • Our up-to-the minute claims system coupled with the partnerships we have create a leading edge against our competition.

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The following claims data is requested but not required:

  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Does your plan cover retirees?
  • Level of coverage (Emp Only, Emp+Sp, Emp+Ch, Family)
  • Zip Code

What can we offer you in return:

  • Claim Negotiation Services
  • Online Eligibility and Claims Portal
  • Online Enrollment for Members
  • Special Dialysis Pricing
  • Case Management
  • Utilization Review
  • Claims Auditing/Editing
  • Specialized Reporting Services
  • Chemotherapy Cost Reduction Programs
  • Special Air Ambulance Repricing